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What is the Best Time to Visit Nice

A country in Western Europe, France is well-known for its tourist attraction. Mostly, the country allures wanderlust because of its serene beauty and among all the tourist attractions, the capital city of the Alpes-Maritime on La France Riviera – Nice is a poignant place. Nice is popular for its pleasant weather, phenomenal beaches with astounding coastline, culturally rich heritage infrastructure, and prodigious festivals.

Climate and Weather

Named after the goddess of victory i.e., Nike, the beautiful city Nice is a place smitten by the tourists. Nice is well-known to have round the year good weather and climate and services by vacation rental Nice. The place is perfect for sunny days around beaches with its mild and soothing climate with perfect sunshine. The travelers can take advantage of Mediterranean weather and visit the place all year round.

The peak season in Nice is from the month of May till the month of August, also during Christmas and New Year, the city remains crowded and expensive. However, the weather is at its best from September to October and this time is best for enjoying the beachy vibes. During this tenure, the city is less crowded than the peak season, and tourists opt for holiday rental Nice. Most of the popular tourist attractions are open for visitors. The temperature is also perfect for spending time near the beach with sunbathing and sightseeing.

Carnivals and Festivals

The months between May to August are considered to be the peak season because major carnivals take place during this time the city offers excellent furnished apartment rental Nice. The festive season starts with the Nice International Film Festival in the month of May, followed by Pink Parade in June. Nice also hosts Jazz Festival during July and Crossover Festival in August. Apart from that, one of the major cultural carnivals is organized from February to March, which is preceded by Christmas Fair and Marathon des Alpes Maritime in December.

Nice calls wanderlust for a perfect summer holiday – a perfect beach destination is worth visiting because of its rich culture and heart-welcoming festivals around summers and winters.

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