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Travel Like An A-Lister: Six Things to Look Out For

Nothing will make you feel more like an A-lister than renting your own villa. Villa rental in Nice has several advantages depending on the size of your group, the location, and which place you want to book for more privacy. Renting a villa is fun, you’ll have the run of the property, your personal hot tub, pool, and also be able to cook and have dinners with friends like an actual house. Villa rentals are a growing trend and used by families, groups of friends, and couples everywhere as their home away from home. Here are six tips to remember when booking a villa rental.

1. Know that type of rental you want

Decide whether you’re looking for a villa or an apartment before you start searching. Apartments will vary from villas in a lot of ways including price, space, location, and other options. Villas will give you more freedom and space, they are also the ideal choice for families and friends if everyone wants to be under the same roof. Check the villa’s location, privacy, and security as well as proximity to important landmarks, shopping areas, and tourist sights.

2.What have other customers said about the space?

When picking a holiday rental in Cagnes Sur Mer, check the online reviews and take a look at what past customers have said on Google, social media, and the website about the rental service. Speak to other people, (maybe your friends have taken a trip there before) and ask them about the pros and cons of the place. Make sure you ask the owner any queries you may have – and check for any red flags before booking. Your villa should have all the latest features and any special considerations you may need.

3.Are there any extras you like to have at the villa?

Owners are normally quite happy to arrange any special needs that you may like to have like flowers, candle-lit dinner, or even someone to help keep your kids entertained when you are relaxing by the pool. Whatever it is ask the owner beforehand and check what their response is.

4.Make sure you check the fine print

Most villa rentals will have a lot of information put down on the website or document. Make sure you read each line before booking so that you do not end up paying for anything extra. The information should speak about the location, amenities, rules and regulations, cleanliness, room description, and cancellation policy.

5.Book securely

Most rental sites are the middlemen and can’t control spams, bookings, web scams, advertisements, pop-ups, and phishing. Booking online through a trusted site is essential and make sure you get and keep the booking confirmation with you. If there is an option to contact the host, give them a call, and check their personal knowledge of the villa, services included, and fees.

6.Book early to avoid disappointment

If you are looking for a Christmas vacation with your family or a friend’s getaway for New Year, remember to book early. There are hundreds of people out there with the same idea as you and if you don’t book on time, you risk losing the property.

In conclusion

Booking a holiday rental in Antibes or any other destination is quite different from booking a hotel room and there are several factors you need to take into consideration beforehand. The faster and earlier you book the less hassle you will have and time you will save running around the last minute. There’s nothing as compared to having your own private villa, and once you experience it, you’ll be hooked.

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