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What is the Best Time to Visit Antibes?

If you are longing for those magnificent and exclusive villas of the peninsula of Cap d’Antibes, this is the perfect time for you to visit it. It is a great tourist attraction, having a mild climate, and fertile vegetation rendering a great scenic view. Famous for its flower-growing industry, the soils of Antibes is adorned with beautiful blooms of all the seasonal flowers, including carnations, roses and other vivid blossoms.

Best time to visit Antibes

Tourists prefer visiting Antibes during the winter and the spring season. The weather remains lovely during the winter season with lesser crowds. Moreover, the hotel rates fall during the colder months, offering you a pleasurable stay. If you are looking for ‘holiday rental Antibes‘, we would recommend you to look for a good deal providing you with suitable accommodation at affordable prices.

The springtime is another delightful season to visit this beautiful resort town in France when the weather remains delightful and comfortable. However, this is the time when you might find way more crowds than the winter months.

Summer won’t be a very good season to visit the Antibes as a tourist unless you have some other needs. Also, the hotel rates rise up, and you may find the city jammed with a group of Parisians who go there during the warmer months for vacationing purposes.

September – November

This is the most suitable time to enjoy the beauty of Antibes. The temperature during the September remains within the mid-70s, which is quite pleasant. While in November, the average highs go down to 60-63°F. You will also find a lot of restaurants, resorts and other tourist attractions open during this time before they finally close down during the winter season.

December – February

This period is known as the low-season of Antibes. The average temperature shoots down to the 50s and even 40s. No doubt, you will be able to find some good deals during these months. But, unfortunately, most of the sightseeing places and significant tourist spots remain closed due to the lower temperature ranges.

March – May

It’s springtime in Antibes, and you would find decent temperature ranges. Having a Fahrenheit measure in between the upper 50s and the lower 70s, it is the most fertile season of Antibes with a variety of flora and fauna blooming around the city. If you prefer to see nature at its best with the environment being full of life and rejuvenation, spring is the best time for you.

June – August

However, if you want to experience certain glorious events and festivals, you can visit Antibes during the period of June and August. The most noteworthy event in June is the Les Voiles d’Antibes, which is a celebration of sailing by hosting some major yachting exhibitions. The annual jazz festival of Jazz à Juan held in the month of July every year and the famous fireworks festival that occurs between June to August, are also worth experiencing.

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