Vacation Rental

Discover the Benefits of a Vacation Rental

Visiting the French Riviera and the Mediterranean coast can be rejuvenating and relaxing. You can enjoy the lovely sun-kissed weather and also spend time on pristine beaches. Once you finish soaking up the sun, it is time to go a gastronomic adventure.

If you are planning a vacation to the French Riviera and the Mediterranean coast, think of booking a vacation rental. Hotel rooms can be overpriced, especially if you are traveling during peak season, or booked to the brim with no rooms for you and your family. If you are sitting on the fence, here are some benefits that you will enjoy when you stay in a vacation rental in Nice or Antibes.


Most holiday rentals have private or shared pools, and depending on the location in Nice or Antibes, you may even enjoy private access to the beach. Other than that, vacation rentals also have satellite TV, internet connectivity, washing machine, dishwasher, and possibly a treadmill and other exercising equipment. Perhaps, the best amenity of a holiday rental in Nice or Antibes could be a balcony with sweeping and mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean.

Adequate Space

Hotels can be comfortable and have great décor, but one thing most hotels lack is sufficient space to accommodate everyone. That means booking more rooms and this can be expensive. On the other hand, a holiday rental in Antibes or Nice will have adequate space for the entire family and you will be able to talk late into the night or linger over breakfast. Also, it is nice to have privacy as family members can get their own rooms, and this can be a blessing, especially if you are traveling with kids.


One of the biggest advantages of a vacation rental is having access to a kitchen and, if you are lucky, to an outdoor grill space. Cooking your food can reduce the overall cost of your vacation. You can buy ingredients, like bread, butter, bacon, cereal, fruits, pasta, and veggies, from the local grocery store and have breakfast and one meal at an affordable cost. It is best to shop on the day you intend to cook and this will minimize wastage.

Convenient Location

If you are interested in something special in Nice or Antibes, you will be able to find a vacation rental that is located close to the point of interest. This minimizes commute and helps you save money. A majority of the vacation rentals in the French Riviera and the Mediterranean are ideally located, ensuring easy access to the beach and nearby attractions.

The next time you intend to visit the Mediterranean, look to book a holiday rental in Nice or Antibes. You can enjoy a vacation at your own pace and ensure you get maximum value for your money.

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