Vacation Rentals are More Popular than Hotels for Travelers

Vacations and holidays are fun times when you can travel solo, with the family or with your partner to relax and have a good time, before getting back to the daily grind. More vacationers and holidaymakers are choosing to book vacation homes, as opposed to hotels and resorts. Also, the rising trend has ensured that there are various resorts that offer villas and rentals with the complete setup, almost like a home away from home.

In Europe, one of the most visited places is France, a country known for its rich history and culture, delicious food and impeccable and classic fashion. The most popularly visited places in France are Paris, Nice, and Antibes, amongst many other locations; choosing a holiday rental agency in Antibes can ensure that you can book the best suitable place as per your budget and style. You can expect Tuscan villas to big-city apartments and anything else in between.

Why choose vacation rentals?

Companies, like Airbnb, are revolutionizing vacation rentals and have taken over a massive portion of the hospitality industry. Hotels, on the other hand, feign ignorance based on denial, stating that vacation homes are for people looking for unique experiences. The hospitality industry also states that these rentals are unregulated and high-end customers are still choosing a hotel to ensure a hassle-free time.  

The main drawback is the fact that if you are a newcomer, you are on your own as there is no one to direct or help you out during the stay. This is although a small inconvenience considering that these rentals are friendlier on the pocket and for long stays offers the best deals, which most hotels will not offer. A holiday rental agency in Nice can offer affordable deals for a long and a short stay in the town.

The awesome bit of staying at vacation rentals is that they allow vacationers to interact with families, and understand the local culture and cuisine better in that environment. As hotels offer streamlined services, they are often the same standard, wherever you travel.

Traveling to France is an exceptional experience and a beautifully furnished apartment rental in Nice is a great way to experience the best while traveling.

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