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Top Things to Do in Cagnes-sur-Mer

Located to the West of the metropolitan called Nice, Cagnes-sur-Mer is the seaside town that has attracted a good many people from around the globe. You might contact Vacation rental Nice for more information about the city Nice. The place has a sprawling beach of 3.5 kilometres. If you are a shopaholic person, this place does not disappoint you either. A new splendid shopping mall, Polygone Riviera is there to offer you everything you need to buy. The city has many things to offer. Among them, a rich culture of art and painting and sculpture is worthy of being mentioned. The town is also remembered for the brief stay of the famous impressionist Auguste Renoir. 

Let’s see what you can do in the city of Cagnes when you book your visit through Vacation rental Nice.

Visit Chateau Musee Grimaldi:

This castle was the residence for the royal family of Monaco. From the highest tower of the castle, you can catch a comprehensive view of the Mediterranean Sea, Alps and Holiday Rental Nice. The interior is mesmerizing as well as lavish.

Le Cross-de-Cagnes:

This is a little village with narrow dark streets. It is located near the port. However, tourists often forget this cave of solitude because of its low essential existence. The pangs of modernization have not yet attacked the place. If you love nature and fishing, a visit to Holiday Rental in Cagnes sur mer can be a memorable one for you. 

Park phoenix:

This is the most extraordinary park in the neighbourhood. The main attraction of the park is the twenty-five metre high enormous greenhouse. This greenhouse area is one of the largest greenhouse plants in the world. The park has an area where different birds can roam freely. If you have children in your group, you must pay a one-day visit to this park. 

An organized Holiday rental in Cagnes sur mer and holiday rental Nice is a fantastic experience. Apart from these places, there is a Cagnes beach. You can walk through the pleasant road along the beach. In no time, you will find yourself sitting on a rock and staring to the countless waves of the sea. The sun will go down. The dark sky will be your partner for the evening. 

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