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Choosing The Perfect Short-Term Rental: Exploring Subcategories For Unforgettable Vacation

Holiday rental agencies offer vacation homes and short-term rentals, providing overnight lodging with home-like facilities. Short-term rentals are differentiated from long-term rentals by allowing stays of less than thirty-one consecutive nights. With recent advancements in technology and evolving societal norms, the demand for vacation homes and short-term rentals has grown rapidly. In this blog, we will explore the various types of short-term rental properties available by holiday rental agency Nice and help you choose the best one for your vacation.

Subcategories Of Short-term Rental Properties And Why To Choose Them –

a) Vacation Rental home:
When homeowners are not personally staying in their homes and use that home as a second residence, they rent it out to guests. Owners typically hire a local property manager to manage the rental process. The contract of stay for the guest covers less than thirty-one consecutive nights, though a guest may rent it for more than thirty nights.

Choose it for:
When traveling with large groups, children, or pets. Vacation rental homes offer extra space, personalized service, a fully equipped kitchen, and an affordable budget.

b) Short-term Rental Home/Whole Home Rental:
In whole-home rentals, there are higher chances of the owner not living at home or not inhabiting the home while the guest is there. The whole home is rented solely for guest rentals. There are separate licenses for:

  • Short-term rentals with five bedrooms or less.
  • Short-term rental for six to twelve bedrooms
  • A property with more than 12 bedrooms is considered an inn or small hotel.

Choose it for:
A home-like experience. If you want to live like a local, short-term rental home by holiday rental Nice is rewarding. They are best if you are traveling with a group, are up for short-term fun, and have less money.

c) Thirty-one Plus Days Short-term Rental Business:
In such cases, the homeowner is licensed to do the business. This category may fall under landlord or tenant law. However, most reservation hosting platforms register them for more than thirty consecutive nights. The rental time can depend on the market they are operating in and the regulations there.

Choose it for:
If you plan to stay for an extended period. However, ensure that the property has the necessary amenities and facilities for a long-term stay. Research the market and the availability of similar properties for longer stays.

d) Homeshare or Owner-occupied Rentals:
These are also called Airbnbs, as they were originally modeled on Airbnb’s model. The model entails a homeowner living full-time in their home while renting one or more rooms to guests on a nightly or more than one-night basis (with or without meals provided). The homeowner can contract with several guests with different check-in and check-out dates. One of the challenges with this category is that the stay is offered without any strict laws, best practices, sanitation, or required safety precautions.

Choose it for:
If you are comfortable sharing living spaces with the homeowner and other guests. However, inquire about the safety measures and cleanliness standards implemented by the homeowner. Check reviews to see how other guests have experienced their stays at owner-occupied properties.

e) Homeshare or Owner-Occupied Rentals With Multiple Units:
The homeowner lives on his or her property but rents a proportion of it. For instance, a casita or guest home, a shack, RV, hut, tepee, van, or even renting out the property The condition for renting is that they should only be rented when they are deemed safe by a reasonable inspection.

Choose it for:
Lower cost and a better feel for the area you’re visiting. However, ensure that the rented units meet safety standards and are inspected regularly. Look for reviews or testimonials from previous guests to gauge the quality of the units and the overall experience.

f) Bed & Breakfast Inn (B&B):
This is a type of home where the owner lives onsite and rents one or more bedrooms to guests for a night or more and offers breakfast to the guest. They are usually governed by the code requirements of an inn or small hotel. A host in a B&B can also act as a concierge for guests. They can be categorized under short-term rental as inns or hotels depending on the location.

Choose it for:
For a more personalized experience, a spacious and aesthetically pleasing room, a private bath, internet connectivity, and a morning meal.

g) Hostel:
These types of accommodations are usually considered cheap or economy lodging. Many guests who are strangers share a room with one another and typically share locker room-style bathrooms and showers. They are either categorized under hotel or boarding home regulations.

Choose it for:
A social atmosphere. Hostels are ideal for budget travelers. Check communal spaces and shared bathrooms to see if they align with your preferences. Read reviews to get an idea of the hostel’s cleanliness and security.

h) Short-term Rental Resort:
A renovated or repurposed resort or apartment complex that is designed for vacation homeowners to rent to guests when they are not there. Some resorts allow homeowners to manage all details under homeowner association rules, while others control only reservations and guest control.

Choose it for:
Luxurious and exotic stay, security, a stress-free place, convenience, entertainment, and a more private experience. Contact holiday rental Antibes to book the best resorts that align with your vacation preferences, whether you prefer a beach resort, a mountain resort, or other types of destinations.

i) Timeshare:
Timeshares are condominiums, former hotels, or resorts with a shared ownership model. Multiple owners have the right to use the property for a designated period annually, typically for a week or more. Timeshare owners can rent out their allocated weeks or nights on short-term rental hosting platforms such as Holiday rental in Cagnes sur mer, offering other vacationers a chance to stay at the property.

Choose it for:
a more structured and predictable vacation experience. However, it’s essential to carefully consider the costs associated with timeshare ownership, which may include maintenance fees and other charges.

This blog discusses the various sub-categories available for short-term rental properties. Choosing the right short-term rental property for your vacation involves considering your preferences, group size, budget, and desired amenities. Whether it’s a vacation rental home for a family getaway, a timeshare for a local experience, or a resort for a luxurious stay, each subcategory offers unique benefits. Thorough research, reading reviews, and communicating with hosts or holiday rental agencies in Nice will help ensure a rewarding and memorable vacation experience.
Happy Few proudly offers vacation and long-term rental properties in Nice and its surroundings. From luxurious villas to apartments, we are dedicated to providing you with a memorable holiday experience. Happy vacation!

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